Community Tourism

Guatemala is one of the most diverse countries in the world and certainly the most diverse of Latin America. Guatemala is a multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic. These elements, along with its diverse flora and fauna, make community tourism is a developing tourist segment in the country, which has improved the living standards of many communities that strive to meet international quality standards.

Each community maintains its own customs and traditions, local cuisine, archaeological and prehispanic and colonial past. This has caught the attention of many tourists and has led to the development of community tourism. In fact, every day of the year, make few to experience what all the diverse communities offer, even though Guatemala is 20 times smaller than Mexico, three times smaller than Germany, Spain and five about the size of Portugal.

Many destinations are gaining international renown are being managed by communities, among which we mention Chilascó The Jump is the cataract or highest waterfall in Central America, El Mirador archaeological site in the Petén jungle, Heart of the Forest in the Highlands; the Chapin Down on the shore of Lake Izabal where you can visit the Natural Life Reserve Bocas del Polochic, among many others.